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since 2018

Exclusive handcrafted bags and book clutches

Welcome to Bookinist!

We create exclusive and elegant accessories that tell a little story and express the personality of the owner. 


Our clutches are premium handcrafted. Covers are patterned after famous titles from classic and contemporary literature, films

 and famous people. 

We can personalize the clutch and create the design according to your preferences. The bookclutch will be an unforgettable and unique present for any occasion and holiday.


In our collection, you can also find the categories of vintage reticules and amazing clutch balls. 


And yes, We ship worldwide!



Customize your book clutch as you wish!

About The Brand

Hi, there!

My name is Lara, and I'm the owner and designer of the brand Bookinist. I do love  books, handcrafted things, and beautiful unique accessories.


This inspired me to creating my first book clutch. My husband Alex has supported me and in 2018 we launched the brand "Bookinist" and my dream came true.

I am proud to tell that we have produced more than 700 book clutches and have sent them worldwide.


 It is happiness for me to receive positive feedbacks and customer emotions from people all over the world .


Learn what people say about us. Find multiple reviews in Highlights

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